Support Rockstar - Email, Amazon

Terran LLC - Crossroads, Banilad
25,000 - 30,000


Job type: Full-time
Date Posted: October 19, 2017
Location: Cebu
Industry: eCommerce
Company size: 12
Years of Experience : 1

Skills Required:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer Service Skill
  • Team Player

Job Description

Are you our next Support Rockstar?

Terran is a fast-growing e-commerce company looking to add more members to our ever-growing team! We need someone who can work in our Cebu office to answer emails, manage social media accounts, monitor Amazon listings and reply to Amazon reviews, setup newsletters and landing pages, and work alongside our amazing Content Writers, Graphic Designers and Social Media Specialist.

We want YOU to be a part of our team if you tick ALL the right boxes:

MUST WRITE EXCEPTIONALLY WELL IN ENGLISH. You must have stellar grammar, a charming written personality, and the uncanny ability to build rapport and relationships with our customers through the written word. This is the most important skill we will be screening. It’s a make or break for your application.

MUST BE A PEOPLE PERSON. We love helping our customers and giving them more than their money’s worth. To us they aren’t just numbers but a valued member of our community. Thus, you must have the ability to treat our customers the way we’d want someone to treat our friends.

MUST BE VERSATILE. While our quarters are already planned out and goals and projects are assigned ahead of time, things can change on a dime around here. We need someone who can go with the flow and be ready to kick it into high gear at a moment’s notice.

MUST LOVE WORKING IN A TEAM. We need someone who loves to collaborate and can easily gel with the team. Do you think you can power through the challenges of work with us and at the same time ride along our crazy antics? Then you should be part of our team!

If you’re hired to be our next Support Rockstar, here’s what you get:
Above market salary
Quarterly bonuses
Annual performance appraisals
13 month pay
Day-time shift
Fixed weekends off

We’re a tight-knit group who work hard and play harder. So if you join us, you’ll get to enjoy weekly team lunches where we dine at Cebu’s top food spots or munch on some take out food in the comfort of our office pantry. We also have monthly team outings where we take the afternoon off to go bowling, go-karting, swimming, watch a movie, or enjoy just about any activity that allows us to relax, unwind or have fun!

If you’re THE Support Rockstar we’re looking for, just follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Fill in the blanks: My favorite book is…. and I love it [protected]
2. Send your answer along with your resume.
3. Write "Orange Burst" in the subject line.

About the company

Terran LLC

Terran is a successful eCommerce US company that puts a premium on quality service and products. We have down-to-earth leaders who keep the communication lines open to a team of happy and friendly employees dedicated to making customers happy. We support our employees by providing them a fun workplace, a culture where we look out for each other and the skill to bring out the best in them professionally.


  • Above market salary
  • Fixed daytime shift and weekends off
  • 13th month pay
  • Annual salary increases based on performance
  • Quarterly bonuses

Join the team at Terran LLC

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