Motion Graphic Artist

cebuexpatservices - 930 V Rama Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu


Job type: Full-time
Date Posted: January 04, 2018
Location: Cebu
Industry: Technology
Company size: not set
Years of Experience : 2

Skills Required:

  • Layout Artist
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Digital Photography
  • Adobe Experience Design
  • Computer Literate
  • • Good Communication Skills
  • Animation

Job Description


Motion Graphic Artists take a graphic design to a whole new level. You bring still graphics to life with visual effects, animation, and cinematic techniques to make your products interesting and engaging. Your goal? Communicating a message or evoking an emotional response from your audience.


-At least 2 years experience in video editing
-Proficient in digital photography, video production, post-production, audio, and editing
-Ability to edit and work with Green screen including color editing and correction
-Proficient in production, animation and other special multi-media skills.
-Ability to meet project deadlines, manage costs and perform to target levels in a fast-paced production environment without compromising quality.
-Strong verbal, written, presentation
-Proven track record of outstanding service to clients

About the company



Not set

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