Graphic Designer



Job type: Full-time
Date Posted: January 04, 2017
Location: Cebu
Company size: not set
Years of Experience :

Skills Required:

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Designing

Job Description

Our company wants to provide opportunities for students to fulfill their schools Internship. We are currently working on the project  Appstone Academy that is a pioneering educational center, which provides training in UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development. Marketing Asscoiates will have a hands-on experience in marketing research, Social Media management and Event coordination.

We are looking for smart, talented, & passionate people to join our team.

Join with us as we work our way to Appstone’s continuous growth and success.


Marketing Outreach

Social Media management

Event Coordination


-Graduate of Marketing Degree or any similar courseand previous training is required

-Can maintain and expand relationships with existing/future clients

-Self-confident with the ability to persuade

-Self-motivated & able to work under minimal supervision

-Great communication skills with/without pressure (Preferably English)

-Can handle marketing collaterals and can work with graphic designers.

- Computer literate and know latest social media trends.

Preliminary Requirements:

Application Letter and Resume

Graphic Designer

We are a tech company specializing in mobile and web development. We are looking for a mobile designer with whom we can partner up with. 50% of our clients need mobile design work done, and the current workload is too much for our current designer to handle.

You must be:

-Able to handle 1 (up to 2) client projects per week

-You decide what rates to charge the client (we recommend $8-$10/ hour)

-We find the client, you do the design work for them and we do the development work.

-You must be fluent in English and able to meet clients from the USA via Skype  


• Work closely across multiple disciplines to create creative user experience solutions in an agile, dynamic environment

• Discuss problems from Design, Artistic and Technical perspectives, with a focus on finding solutions.

• Ability to sketch, quickly mock up, and defend design ideas

• Excellent knowledge Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, and Illustrator, After Effects)

• Solid understanding of usability, UX, UI, interaction design

• A well-developed sense of color and composition and substantial interest in form and typography

• An excellent team player with great communication and organization skills

• Able to wireframe or provide visual mockups (e.g. PSDs). Strong focus on visual design.

• Actively seeks to learn. Generates new ideas and solutions.Qualifications:

• 1-2 years experience designing mobile applications

-Strong command of the English language

•  A current portfolio demonstrating mobile user interface design abilities

• Proficiency in user flows, wire framing and interactive prototyping for mobile (iOS, Android)

• Experience working and designing in an agile environment alongside multi disciplined team of developers, UX, and Project Managers

• Strong problem-solving skills to address design gaps and edge cases while minimizing UI complexity

• Ability to cohesively extend upon an established design and app framework

• Someone who will take part in the ongoing product evolution to our suite of iOS, Android and mobile web products.

• Someone who is able to transform to complex concepts into simple, approachable mobile experiences those are

• Easy and visually balanced, across any devices

• You are experienced at creating pixel and vector graphics, and you’re an Adobe Photoshop expert.

• Ability to collaborate and effectively communicate design intent• Ability to take ongoing direction and critique

•  Self-starter who is user-focused, detail and solutions oriented

• Rapidly prototype with the ability to quickly go from mockups to implementation for experiences on ALL screens.

•  Demonstrate experience with native apps & responsive web products.

• Be motivated, organized and self- starter throughout your work.

• Be up to date on the latest trends, methods and tools in mobile product design and regularly consume blogs, books and articles related to your expertise.

About the company


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Dress Code:

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Company Size:

Not set

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