Cebu Grammar Nazis Wanted

Full-time Cebu 10,000 - 15,000 September 03, 2017

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Skills Required:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Book Editing
  • Copy Editing

About the job

Blvnp Publishing has set its sights on becoming a New York Times bestselling creation machine.


And right now, we are looking for a grammar nazi who will be able to get us there.


Do you like correcting people’s grammar? Do you like getting paid? Then we might have an opportunity for you.


Excited yet?


We are a US Company slowly creating a base in Cebu. We are here because we’ve found a lot of inspired individuals - people who have a goal and who are willing to do anything to get there.


And just like our mission, we are willing to provide these inspired individuals (hopefully that will include you!) the chance to pursue those goals, the training they need and the support to be able to get them where they want to be.


Get paid to do what you love, and grow to be more of what anyone has ever thought of you.



Reasons to join Blvnp:


1. Flexibility - Screw 9-5 hours. As long as you get your job done and your hours in, we don’t really care where you work or if you’re a night owl or a morning person. We’ll need to see you once in a while to make sure you’re breathing, but that’s it.

2. Great people - From introverts to extroverts, from gamers to bookworms, Blvnp has an awesome team who will welcome you with open arms. Oh, did we ever mention we were ninjas too? 

3. Unlimited training - You’re going to get paid to study. You’re going to get paid to read and learn. You’re going to grow here in Blvnp, and that’s what we’re determined to have you do. 

4. Know more than your job description - In addition to flexibility in hours and location, we want you to be flexible too. We love employees we can move around: from editor to graphic artist to marketer. You will leave people feeling confused at what you really do because you can basically do anything!

5. You don’t get the memo. You help us make it - We want you to be involved. We want business partners who will help us get to where we want to go, but we’ll settle for an employee.



Are you ready?



All we need from you is the following:


1. Great English Skills

2. An awesome attitude

3. Independent access to a laptop and stable internet connection

4. Lives in Cebu



Yup. That’s all. We don’t need your degrees. You can show it to people who want you to be chained to a desk.



What you’ll be doing is the following:


1. Edit/proofread books

2. Write descriptions

3. Study and grow

4. Be awesome



Send your application through the online apllication form below



In the application please include:


1. A quick introduction. Tell us your passion/goal, what is awesome about you, why we should hire you and how you think you can help us write memos. Also, do let us know if you’re a ninja, because we need swords to be able to cut through grammar errors.

2. Your [protected] resume link if you have one or any other resume that you have.

3. Your Location or the city where you live.

4. List any question that you may have for us.

[protected] you found out about us

Company Profile

BLVNP Incorporated (A Nevada Corporation)


340 S. Lemon #6200 Walnut CA 91789



Company Size:


Dress Code:

Not set


Not set

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