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2nd Floor Y & S Bldg. V. Rama Avenue Cor. Guadalupe Cebu City, Philippines



We are a growing importer and national wholesaler of consumer items such as small dry goods mainly but not limited to books, toys, household products and other novelty items. These products are sold to commercial, retail, industrial and public and private entities through our Independent Sales and Marketing Distributors from our Sales branches nationwide.
Today, the company has three divisions, Advertising, Flyers and Cosmetics divisions with 10 offices located in different parts of the country.
Advertising division which started its operations in 1996, in response to the success of discount promotions offered by other companies. 
Flyer division provides consumer products like books, toys, and electronic gadget for 50% - 70% discount, directly targeting the consumers and giving them the best quality products and services by our skilled and well-experienced sales people.
Cosmetic division, we partnered with Victoria Jackson who achieved success as a Hollywood Makeup Artist, and cosmetics entrepreneur. Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics which is the latest in advance skin-care and offers an innovative luxurious range of Dead Sea Cosmetics offer excellence skin care.
Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best pricing, quality and on-time delivery.  We are resourced with buying offices strategically located throughout the United States, Asia, India and China.
Today, the company maintains its focus to continue its planned growth of 50 offices so that its visions are realized and it can continue to provide career opportunities.

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